Letter from the President

It is my honour to serve the Sangha of the Kelowna Buddhist Temple as Co-President with Alan Yamaoka for th 2017 and 2018 term of office.

Over the years, the Kelowna Buddhist Temple has survived through the diligence and hard work of many people.  It is due to everyone's dedication to the teachings and traditions of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, as well as respect for the history of our Temple and its Sangha that our Temple has survived for so many years in Kelowna.

Increasing population and decreasing economy has put considerable pressure upon the workings of our Temple.  It is important to consider the varying needs of a diversified Sangha when making decisions for our Temple.  This applies to not only short-term matters, but also long-term matters which may impact very deep-rooted traditions.  Our Temple Directors are constantly attempting to appease the present demands of our Sangha, while maintaining respect for the long-standing traditions of our Temple and Community.

Efforts to provide a progresive and generous organization for both the Temple's Sangha and the community around us must be tempered with patience and thoughtful consideration of the past, present, as well as the future of Jodo shinshu Buddhism and our Temple.  An open mind, while difficult to achieve, is necessary to set aside past differences and conflicts in order to negotiate a favourable future for our Temple and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in Canada.  We are working hard to increase our input to the Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in Canada (our representative organization for the Nishi Hongwanji in Japan) in an effort to improve their response to the wishes and needs of the Kelowna Buddhist Temple.  The successful propagation of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism and the future of our Temple depends on the hard work of everyone involved... both the Sangha and the Community around us.  We are very fortunate to have Reverend Yasuhiro Miyakawa tirelessly leading us on the Nobel Path.  Thank you to everyone for your contributions in the past and in advance for the future.  Our Temple would not survive without it.

On a side note, with constant pressures to protect and maintain our Temple, we must all be proactive in preventing damage and unsavory activities from occurring on our Temple grounds.  Please notify the authorities and Temple Executives if you notice any such occurences.

In Gassho, Pegi Hayashi Uyeyama, co-President of Kelowna Buddhist Temple