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INTRODUCTION TO BUDDHISM CLASS - This is a 12 - 13 week course that begins with pre-Buddhist history, the life of the Buddha, teaching of the Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path, the meaning of Dukkha, the Two Truths, Three Dharma Seals, Three Jewells, The Five Skandhas (Aggregates), Dependant Origination, The Six Paramitas and the meaning of ‘Bodhisattva’ in modern day life. These are topics common to most schools of Buddhism. (Fall Class starts September 17th)

If you have always wondered about the teachings of the Buddha and are willing to commit one night a week for three months, at the end of this course you should be able to pick up pretty well any book about Buddhism and have some level of understanding what it is about.

Please email Barb at   bemaccarl@gmail.com to register or get more information. Registration is limited and will be on a first come basis.

Thank you for visiting our Website, we welcome you to visit our Pure Land Buddhism Temple and share in the teachings of Shinran Shonin (see 'contact us' for location). One of the most common questions we receive is "Is your Temple open for anyone that is interested in Buddhism?" - Most definitely, we have a resident Minister who will welcome your questions. "Yes" most of our services are in English and we do chant in English (see below). "Yes" kids are welcome! The other very common question relates to "Meditation?" - please see the upcoming events section of the web site or read our newsletter for dates and times.

We encourage you to contact us, should you have any further questions about our religion, Temple activities or wish to be included in our distribution list for our free monthly newsletter. Please check the Links , where you will find articles and information of further interest if you are new to Buddhism and looking for information about Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. One day let us welcome you as a member of our Temple. Links to other Okanagan Temples listed below.

Also, we rely on your generous donations to support a resident Minister, please consider making a donation today, better yet consider a perpetual donation, follow the link below... In Gassho

English Chanting led by Reverend Yasuhiro Miyakawa, Chanting Participants: Michael Martin, Karen Stewart and Yukio Tanemura - Amida Sutra (Amida Kyo), and Hymn of True Shinjin & The Nembutsu (Shoshinge)

Vernon Buddhist Temple is hosting this years 60th Anniversary B.C. Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples Federation (BCJSBTF) Convention & AGM - September 19, 20, and 21, 2014 - Please fill out the Registration Info & Form and mail (or email kbtemple@telus.net) to the address provided at your earliest convenience.  Rev. Michael Hayashi is the key note guest Minister and we are attaching the 60th Convention Program for you to check out and see what will be going on, In Gassho